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Body Spa

Body Spa is a combination of numerous exquisite spa treatments , created by The Senses & Healing Touch Spa ,we use the best massage techniques to promote the smooth flow of chi, dissipate tension and restore utter calm in mind, body and soul...

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Fish Spa

The fish pedicure is a unique treatment wherein , once your feet have been placed in the warm water, the Doctor fish (Garra Rufa) begin to investigate. . Once you rolex replica have passed the point of feeling ticklish, the fish begin to act as a stimulating, yet relaxing massage with hundreds of them running their little suction cup mouths along your feet and toes. Rest assured, these inch-long fish have no teeth! They seek out and remove dead skin, bacteria and calluses while rejuvenating healthy skin, just nibbling you in the process.

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The Senses & Healing Touch Spa welcomes you to relax and unwind in its tranquil ambience

As well as the varied range of treatments we replica watches uk offer, there is also vast range of skin care and body products, Bridal & Groom make ups, Skin Lightening and many more.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and high standards at The Senses & Healing Touch Spa , where the replica watches customer's enjoyment, relaxation and comfort are of the greatest importance to us.

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Gift Vouchers

Available in all forms, budgets & combos to either Gift someone special, celebrate an endearing occasion or make your spouse feel the bonding of a couple, perfect for Families, Corporate Gifting , Student social gifting or any other priceless gift for someone special.

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